Chirbs is a completely natural health supplement made specifically for chickens and based on good old fashioned knowledge as well as the latest research into poultry health and disease prevention.

“You are what you eat” – and this is true for chickens too! Chirbs is full of natural vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids which are the building blocks for everything your hens produce for you. Chirbs is a pure, natural product an has NO fillers, NO additives and NO chemicals. Just pure, herbal goodness.

 Chirbs comes in its natural form as the pelleting process removes much of the goodness in the ingredients.

Chirbs should be fed as part of the usual feed and will increasingly build up the birds general health and performance.

Dosage: mix two spoonfuls per pound (500g) of feed.

Chicken feed is usually tasteless and has no aroma. This is because until recently, it was thougt chickens had low sense of taste and smell. If your chickens are unsure of this new scent, just start off with one spoonful and make sure it is well mixed into the feed. They will soon be competing to get to the Chirbs first!