The SwusH is a natural and  environmentally friendly double swing.

Perfect as a boredom buster, a dry place to roost and an opportunity to exercise those all important chicken muscles!

To “get a grip” is important, and SwusH is cut to the perfect thickness making it safe and fun to use. The natural shape discourages bumble foot and improves balance.

SwusH has double swing bars for added balance. Both swing bars have retained their bark so it is as close to natural roosting as possible and can be used by several birds at any one time. Each bar is approximately 40cm wide which is enough space for two chickens.

Good muscle tone is important for chickens too! Lack of muscle tone can cause vent prolapse and laying problems. An overweight hen may lay less well and is more susceptible to heat stroke and fatty liver syndrome.

For a bit of extra fun, tie on a little treat or greens using the attached twine at the top bar.

SwusH is environmently friendly. Handmade in the UK, using 100% natural wood from managed woodland and natural sisal rope.

Natural, essential oils have been applied to the wood to deter mites.

SwusH fits equally well for chicks, bantams and large fowl. For very heavy fowl, keep the lower swing bar closer to the ground.

When you receive your SwusH start off by hanging the lower swing bar 10-15cm off the ground. Once your chickens have got “the hand of it”, increase the height a little.

SwusH can be cleaned with soap and water. We recommend you apply a little vegetable oil to the bars afterwards.